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A Millennium Company

For All Your Paper and Janitorial Needs

Since 1987, Broussard Paper has serviced South Louisiana in the paper, janitorial, foodservice, industrial, and packaging markets.

During July of 2016, Millennium Distribution acquired select assets of Broussard Paper, Inc. including the Broussard Paper and Southern Paper Company names. Millennium will continue to operate and serve these markets from the Broussard Paper location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

About Millennium
Millennium Distribution is one of the largest and most successful super-regional distributors in the United States. Founded in January of 2000, we have serviced supermarkets and re-distribution markets with a wide array of over 5,000 food service and janitorial / sanitation products. We represent the finest suppliers in the industry. Building relationships and understanding our model vs. the "big box" options is the key to our success. Our products, expertise, and customer service will fulfill and exceed your business needs.

Our commitment to excellence, innovation and quality products is how we became a successful company, and how we continue to take care of you and your changing business needs.

More information about Millennium is available on our website at